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Getting To The Root of Knee Pain

I would like to talk about a scary subject for a lot of people. Knees! Knees themselves aren't scary, but as soon as people feel pain in their knees they are terrified. It seems to be the top thing that people believe nothing will help unless they go under the knife and get a huge surgery. Let me tell you, surgery is not always needed! Even in knee pain!!

Don't tell the knee that I said this, but, knees are a pretty dumb joint. They have basically one job, problems happen when the hips and ankles aren't working correctly and force the knees to do things that they aren't made to do. This isn't the knee's fault, but they get blamed and cut open, without actually getting to the root of the problem.

I have been working with a guy with chronic knee pain over the past month. He didn't believe I could do anything for his pain and mostly came in to see me for that first visit because his wife told him to. This guy is a runner, before his knee started being cranky, he would run 6 miles a day. His knees had gotten to the point that he had stopped running completely because the pain wouldn't let him get past a mile. With some NKT and movement corrections we found his hips were very restricted, we balanced out his hips, got his glutes firing again and he walked out of my office with no pain. The next day he ran 4 miles without pain.

The cause of pain isn't always where you feel it! In fact, it almost never is. If you are struggling with knee pain, catch it early! The longer you wait, the harder it is to resolve.

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