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Virtual Options!

Available Now!

Momentum Movement Therapy is dedicated to helping our clients move better and feel better even when we can't see each other in person. Virtual sessions are a great option! Whether you are looking to add a group session to your weekly routine, or want more specialized attention- we work hard to find that perfect solution to your pain and movement difficulty. 

Check Out My Virtual Office!

Two Options Available!

One on One Virtual Sessions

A more personal experience more your speed? That is also an option! I will utilize movement assessment, and movement therapy over Zoom video chat to identify and help those painful areas you have been dealing with. I am scheduling these sessions now! Contact me today!

Small Group Movement Improvement Classes

These classes are specifically designed to keep you moving well and feeling well. This is a progressive program that takes your body through the three planes of movement. This program will help you identify what you have difficulty with, leading to what needs to be worked on. It's a fun and enjoyable environment. Class sizes are kept small to allow for personalized attention and guidance. 

New classes are continually being added, Contact me for more details and availability.

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