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What Your Session will Look Like

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unanticipated events may occur. It is our desire to provide all our clients with the best care and be as accommodating with appointments as possible. The following policies will ensure we can continue to provide our clients with fast and dependable scheduling.


"No Shows" and Late Cancellations:


Please understand, often, we have multiple clients wanting the same appointment time. In order to be courteous and accommodating to all our clients, we ask for a 24 hour notice of cancellation, except for emergency situations or sickness. Without proper notification, you may be responsible for the full cost of service. All fees must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled. 


Late Arrivals:


If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment may be shortened in order to fairly accommodate appointments after yours. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and full cost of service may be due. Please plan accordingly. 


The Movement Studio strives to continue giving you the best care possible!

With advanced modalities and techniques a Movement Studio session is unique. Your session will be tailored to your body's needs. There are no up-charges for techniques*, you will receive what is best for you at that time. The body is a smart, complicated machine, it always knows what it needs to function at the best of it's abilities, we just need to learn how to listen and work with it to help it get back to full working order. We can't wait for you to start your journey to better movement!

The sessions you will get at The Movement Studio may be a little different than other bodywork you have had in the past. Elyse utilizes movement, gait assessment, and soft tissue work to help the body move efficiently and recover from injury. 


NKT Therapist

And start moving better TODAY

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