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Who Can NKT Help?

NKT can help a variety of different people and musculo-skeletal problems. 

Some of the most common pain that NKT can help are:

  • Shoulder pain

  • Low back pain

  • Ankle Injuries

  • Knee pain

  • Golfers/tennis elbow

  • Plantars facitis

  • Sports specific guidance for student athletes.

  • SI joint pain

  • Hip pain

  • Balance improvement

What is NKT?

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a manual therapy that works with the motor control center of the brain and nervous system and it's role in musculo-skeletal injury, pain, and movement dysfunction.

NKT works directly with the nervous system in finding out WHY the muscle is tight, painful, weak, or achy, and helps the body balance out the strain on these tissues, thus making the pain resolve, and movement improve. 

Who Am I? 

I am Elyse Lengel and am a Level 3, Advanced (the highest), NKT Practitioner born and raised in Michigan with an office in Holly, Michigan, as well as working with clients all over the country with my virtual options. Focusing solely on NKT since 2013. You are in good hands.

Offices are conveniently located in Holly, MI, minutes from I 75, See the contact page for exact location.

Ready To Start Feeling Better?

Call / Text me at 810-207-1325 or click to

How Can NKT Help Me?

NKT is helpful for many different pain and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. 

Most musculo-skeletal pain stems from imbalances and compensation patterns of the nervous system. Due to years of injuries, over-use, stress, and postural strain, our bodies learn the safest way to function at that time. With NKT we are able to uncover, and correct those movement patterns and take the strain off the tight, over burdened, and painful structures. 

NKT helps us get to the root of the problem to relive the pain and dysfunction, but all assure the same problem won't return.

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