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What if Muscles Don't Matter?

When you have pain, whether it's back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or neck pain, what do you blame first?



Tendons and ligaments?

Bad juju?

I'm here to make a bold statement. Maybe these structures don't matter as much as we think. 🤯

WHAT IF......Tight muscles, strained ligaments and inflamed joints are a result of a problem NOT the problem itself!

In my sessions I address the software of the body, how the brain and nervous system controls your movement. Like a computer, if the software is malfunctioning, the hardware is pretty useless. In the same way, if your nervous system senses a problem, your muscles won't let go until the nervous system is addressed.

SO, if you have stretched that hamstring for the 50th time today and it's still tight and painful, or you have constant pain and tightness of your neck and no amount of massage seems to help, it's time to find out WHY and address the software.

Do you have pain? Let me help. 🙂

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